The dry apple pomace dryer ordered by a Russian customer is a multi-layer mesh belt dryer with a processing capacity of 4 tons per hour. The dried apple pomace is used as animal feed. Dried apple pomace powder can be used as a raw material for compound (mixed) feed, and can replace part of corn and bran. Some dried apple pomace can also be added to the forage grass of cattle and sheep. The finished product has a wide application range and high economic benefits.

Dingli multi-layer belt dryer is often used in occasions where the drying speed requirement is low, the drying time is long, and the process operating conditions can be kept constant throughout the drying process. Partitions are set between the layers to organize the directional flow of the drying medium and make the material dry evenly. The multi-layer belt dryer occupies less land, has a simple structure, and is cheaper than other dryers. Welcome your online consultation.


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