Chili is an important vegetable and spice, and is grown on a large scale all over the world, making them a very popular condiment. Chili can also extract capsanthin, which is used in the food and cosmetic industries.

Traditional chili processing methods can no longer meet the needs of many chili growers and chili processing manufacturers. Many customers choose to use chili dryer equipment to dry chili. The drying efficiency is fast, the output capacity is 200-5000kg/h. The labor is reduced, and the automatic continuous production is realized. Chili is of good quality and is clean and hygienic: it will not contaminate the raw materials, nor will it change the color, aroma, and nutritional content of the raw materials.

Dingli chilli belt dryer is a kind of chili dryer equipment with a relatively large drying output. It can be matched with different heat source methods and materials. It has a fast drying speed and high production efficiency. welcome to your inquiry.


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