Red date is the mature fruit of the jujube tree and is rich in nutrients". Red datess have a high water content and a short harvesting period. The rainy weather at the end of the jujube maturity period each year makes a large number of fruits appear to be cracked, and the mold rot is exacerbated by the inability to dry them in time after harvesting, causing great economic losses to the red date industry. Now, more than 95% of red dates in many countries are made into dried dates for storage, processing and consumption.

Mesh belt red date drying equipment is energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient new red date processing equipment, after drying color, nutrients will not change, excellent taste, is the first choice of thered date processing manufacturers equipment. The equipment has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency. It is the ideal choice for deep processing business of red date. It is also the ideal equipment for drying vegetables, mushrooms, aquatic products, etc.  


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