Full Automatic Multi-Layer Banana Chip Dryer Machine is used for drying banana chips after they have been sliced. It typically consists of several layers where the banana chips are placed for drying. The machine uses a combination of heat and air circulation to remove the moisture from the banana chips, which helps to extend their shelf life and preserve their flavor. The drying process typically takes several hours, depending on the thickness of the chips and the desired level of dryness. Dingli Banana Chips Dryer Machines are made of stainless steel which is food-grade health and withstands the high temperatures and prolonged use associated with drying.

Banana chip material automatically moves with the belt conveyor and it will be dried by the hot air in the dryer oven. when discharged from the banana chips dryer oven, it already becomes dehydrated banana chips. Dehydrated banana chips can be processed into banana flour or banana powder by a powder grinder machine. The drying equipment has different size models that can meet different capacity production. Multi-layer banana chips dryer machine is an essential piece of equipment for anyone involved in the production of banana chips, whether on a small or large scale. It can help to improve the quality and consistency of the finished product while reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


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